"I found Life's Last Wishes allowed me to examine my life, to really look deep at whether I was living the values I was saying were important to me. Was I living the life I wanted to be remembered for? It's not only a great product for recording my last wishes, it's also a slap you in the face chance for some real self reflection too".}}
- Amanda Kerr
Corporate Executive}}
I really didn't know I needed this - Life's Last Wishes - until I signed up. What a gift! I feel so good having completed this for myself and I'm now doing it with my Mum and Dad. Thank you - so thought provoking, so easy to use and oh so useful.
- Alison Parkinson
Business Analyst
This might just be the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.... knowing you really have left YOUR last wishes. In the time of need when loved ones are grieving it’s comforting to know your wishes have already been recorded. The topic of death is often off limits but Life’s Last Wishes is so easy to complete and such great value, it really is the ultimate gift and ultimate investment you can leave those you love.}}
- Kirsten Howton
World Traveller, Real Estate Professional}}
In our family we have generally discussed our wishes, but Life's Last Wishes has made things so much easier. I have one for me and one for my daughter so we can sit down and complete it together. We get to share our own wishes, our reflections on our life and of course, our wishes for when we die. Thank you for a down to earth, insightful and easy to use product that jump starts the conversations a lot of us avoid.}}
- Cobby Vines
Reiki Practitioner, First Aid Trainer}}
I was in the process of trying to write all my wishes in a word document when I came across Life's Last Wishes. I was all over the place and have found this product to be easy to navigate and use and full of useful prompts - things I would never have thought about. It's made me reflect on my life, it's opened up conversations with my loved ones and it's let me feel like I have taken a burden off my family. Best money I've spent in a long time. And no ongoing subscription costs!
- Russ Holland
Podcaster, Traveller, Business Development Specialist
We are a world obsessed with legal documents and administration and sometimes we forget to connect in properly with life and what we wish for. This is even more important at the point of our passing. Who gets our special horse painting? Who gets Nan’s sapphire ring? What messages do I want to tell everyone I love? Having a connected and heartfelt way of leaving this physical world (aside from a basic legal will) is one of the most important and profound things we can do. And Michelle has created an amazing platform which allows us to document our final messages, our precious (probably not expensive) belongings and how we wish our funeral and burial ceremony to unfold. It’s like we get a final wish even upon death. Life’s Last Wishes covers all the questions we need to answer when we leave this life. An amazing gift I would say.
- Debbie Pask
Performance Coach

Life's Last Wishes

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